Must Be Nice: Dog Gets His Own Under The Stairs Harry Potter Room

September 12, 2016


These are several shots and a video of Poncho and his under the stairs Harry Potter room. Poncho is a 4-year old chihuahua belonging to Reddit user Fatisbac's aunt, Betty McCall. Apparently Poncho gets nervous when guests are over so she made the little room for him where he could feel comfortable and not bark or bite people. You know I could use one of those rooms too. "You bark and bite people?" I'm vicious. If I were a dog breed I would definitely be Cerebus. "You're a wiener dog." I'm at least a hellhound, I bit my neighbor when he was cutting the grass. "Why?" Because it was too early to be cutting the grass. "It was noon." I thought it was earlier, okay? Chill out, I got him an Edible Arrangement stop trying to stir the pot.

Keep going for several more shots and a video tour.




Thanks to Stephanie B, who wants a free elf friend. God, me too.

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