Motorcyclist Gets Rear-Ended By Own Mother

September 19, 2016


This is the helmet-cam footage of a motorcyclist who gets rear-ended by his own mother. The footage starts with them in a parking lot chatting about somebody they know who's in the hospital or had a stroke or an eye infection or something (I'm a bad eavesdropper), then there's three minutes of driving footage until, at 3:28, she rear-ends him. *shrug* Maybe she just really hates him.

The mom even ends the conversation by telling her son to "drive safe," and, with soon-to-be-painful irony, to "watch out for idiots."

"F*ck, Mom! F*ck," is his initial, remarkably astute commentary on the whole situation. He then follows that up with a more thoughtful "Goddamnit, Mom."

Mom explains that she didn't even see Jacob, her son, when she slammed into the back tire of his motorcycle. She's pretty upset and apologetic, but I think it's going to take a while for Jacob to come around on this one.

Wait -- she says she didn't even see a person on a motorcycle? That's terrifying. Maybe he's a ghost. Or maybe his mom needs to get her eyes checked. Or -- OR -- not drive distracted. You think she was sexting? I bet she was sexting. I had a buddy drive his car off a low bridge trying to sext and drive and I regret calling shotgun.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dub, who doesn't even feel safe driving a tank.

  • David Gabel

    Just goes to show that automobile drivers pay abzolutely ZERO attention to those on two wheels.She should be really fucking glad she wasn't going fast enough to injur or kill him due to her neglegence. Pay the fuck attention to other vehicles on the road regardless of if they have more or less wheels than your fucking cars people..

  • Deksam

    Skip to 3:20.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    So that's two that didn't read the article, you and TheQiwiMan for upvoting you.

  • Deksam

    Mine is quicker to the punch.

  • tim

    Three contributing factors (though to be clear, Mom is still in the wrong):
    - motorcyclist was backlit by the sun (a lot of motorbike/cycling accidents end badly with this as a contributing factor)
    - this is a yield, not a Stop sign. Mom probably was thinking that Son would've gone
    - motorcyclist was conservative in his stopping (as all motorcyclists should be) as driver on the left ultimately turned right. Mom wasn't prepared for this.

  • JJtoob

    -I don't know what you mean by "backlit" since shadows show the sun was nearly at 3 o'clock, at least up until he started facing the sun at the end, but she should have seen him before that. At least you are supposed to scan 10 seconds ahead of you, and from the moment he stopped till she collided with him, it was only one second. Additionally, she must have been driving behind him for a while, since they were both driving down the only street that leads from the parking lot to the point of the collision.
    -I guess people don't know that in that situation you have to wait for the vehicle at the intersection to clear it before the next vehicle worries about clearing the intersection themselves. When you are behind a vehicle in the process of clearing an intersection, it doesn't matter if it was a stop sign or a yield, you never rush the car in front of you nor assume when or how fast they will move.

  • tim

    At the time of impact, he was backlit. Yes, she should have known he was in front of him, but it's possible that she wasn't sure he had started his turn into the intersection.
    My second point about her focus on the traffic from the left instead of what is directly in front of her while making a right turn is a frequent cause of accidents. Pedestrians are struck this way, and I've seen rear enders where both vehicles were automobiles. I totally agree with you that many drivers simply don't drive with due care.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    If she "didn't see him," then she shouldn't be driving.

    He did *nothing* wrong and she just straight up rear-ended him because he slowly hit his brakes to yield for that vehicle to their left.

    "Fuck you, Mom!" is a more than an acceptable phrase to say in an instance like this.

  • GeneralDisorder

    There are people who slammed into tractor trailers and "didn't even see it" so it's not like this is unique (aside from the Oedipal joke I'm not quite clever enough to make).

    There's a sort of "situational blindness" that happens to just about everyone at one point or another. You focus on what's ahead, convince yourself to look elsewhere, and you glance back, miss the thing that's in front of you and boom, you've plowed into it.

    You know how if you drive on the highway for 6 hours and you go something like 50 miles over a roughly 45 minute stretch and think "what the fuck happened to the last 50 miles?"

    Sure, you were conscious and alert but you just suddenly forget what happened and panic worrying that maybe you took a detour through a town and killed pedestrians or something.

  • JJtoob

    I think since I started using my phone as a GPS for every long drive, this stopped happening to me altogether. Not only would I hear when I'm approaching the next direction, but I am being updated on road conditions as I drive. I can also glance at the map to see little things that remind me of what distance I have covered, like the ETA, or the towns I'm passing by, which I also know when I see the signs saying how many exits for the next town. I don't know how many other people actually read the sings, but I kind of thought you were supposed to.

    Nevertheless, the main issue here is that it wasn't even a long drive. This is not the mistake a fully aware and experienced driver would make. It was a failure to pay attention to the only thing she was supposed to pay attention to (the vehicle in front of her) caused by either a distraction or she was falling asleep, etc.

  • GeneralDisorder

    She was probably sexting her son's friend.

  • Patrick

    He is not cussing because of the trauma of almost becoming road kill but because his bike just got rammed up the ass after just finishing off his payments on it and it is still uninsured.

  • Bling Nye

    Maybe she did it on purpose to convince him of the dangers of riding a motorcycle, first hand. No mother wants their child driving such a death trap...

    That's hardcore parenting right there.

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