Gigantic Cruise Ship Destroys Marina, Boats With Massive Wake

September 12, 2016


These are several videos of Carnival's Vista cruise ship destroying a marina and several boats with its powerful wake while departing northeast Sicily. The ship, which is Carnival's newest and largest ship, weighs 133,500-tons, or almost two whole mothers in a your momma joke. The first video was filmed from a passenger aboard the ship, who I believe to be a New Jersey Italian coming back to visit the motherland aboard a giant floating city. The second is security cam footage from the actual dock, which really highlights the damage caused, estimated between $300,000 and "several million" depending on how hard everybody is determined to scam their insurance companies. Did I mention my boat was loaded with pirate gold that got swept away in the current? *dumps can of Chef Boyardee spaghetti with meatballs onto paper plate* Because that happened.

Keep going for two vidoes (the first of which I embedded a Facebook and Youtube version of just in case).

Thanks to Jenness, who agrees it would have sucked to be asleep with a hangover on one of those little boats when this happened.

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