Man's Glove Compartment Door Plays Jazz

September 30, 2016


This is a video of Duncan de Heusden's glove compartment door opening. Titillating, I know, that screencap is almost too hot for TV. But when the glove compartment door is opened, it plays a little French horn jazz riff, which Duncan then added additional music to "because I lack a purpose in life." Amen to that, Duncan. Almost everything I do is for the exact same reason. Sometimes I feel like, I dunno, maybe I should find religion or something. But not just any old religion, my own religion. "You mean you want to start a cult." Exactly, what size robe do you wear?

Keep going for the surprisingly worthwhile video.

Thanks to cam, who got so pissed his glovebox doesn't play music he ripped it off and threw it out the window in traffic. Okay now that's called littering.

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