Man Lets The Cow Killer Wasp Sting His Arm

September 22, 2016


Note: Skip to 9:45 to get to the sting. Also, there shouldn't be a single video on Youtube that takes ten minutes to get to the good stuff. This is ridiculous.

This is a video of Coyote Peterson (real name Nathaniel) letting a cow killer velvet ant (actually a wingless wasp) sting his forearm. Apparently the cow killer (which can't actually kill cows) has one of the most painful stings in the insect world, injecting excruciating pain that can last up to a half hour. Coyote here does not handle it well. Now I'm not saying I could have played it way cooler, but I did break my arm and the bone tear through the skin and I gave it a 2 out of 10 on the pain scale at the hospital. I guess I have a high threshold for pain. Of course I was held captive and tortured by an evil pirate captain for many years. You could let that wasp sting me right in the brain and I still wouldn't tell you where I buried the treasure. *pirate captain produces red-hot ass poker* THROUGH THE CAVE THAT LOOKS LIKE A SKULL, TWELVE PACES WEST FROM THE FIRST COCONUT TREE.

Keep going for the video, but don't forget to skip around.

Thanks to hairless, who informed me being hairless does very little to prevent insect stings. Being nothing but a head in a jar? That helps a lot.

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