Learning By Looking: A Chart Of The Most Dangerous Drug Combinations To Take

September 8, 2016


Note: Larger version HERE in case you're not taking a drug that lets you read the unreadable (or at least makes you think you can).

This is a chart made by the folks from harm reduction website TripSit detailing the most and least dangerous drug combinations to take recreationally (or non-recreationally if your doctor is trying to kill you). Apparently that lower right corner is a real doozy. I learned a lot by looking at it. Mostly that if you do all the drugs at once you'll probably die. Or maybe they'll all even each other out, who knows? Me? I don't do drugs because I'm training for the 2018 Outerspace Olympics and can't risk getting busted with anything in my system and miss out on my chance to win a kryptonite metal. Then I can finally defeat Superman and steal his cape so I can fly. "His cape doesn't make him fly, it's just a cape -- he can fly without it." Who the hell wears a cape if they don't have to? "It's part of his costume." So even if I stole it I couldn't fly? "Nope." I'll take whatever drugs you've got. Also -- does the skull and crossbones on that bottle mean the stuff inside is really good, or really bad? I'm only asking because I already drank a quarter of it when we were talking Superman.

Thanks to Rose, who encourages you all to be safe out there. Remember: knowing is half the battle. The other half is playing it cool so your boss doesn't know you're tripping at work.

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