It's Raining Guac: Chipotle, Virginia Tech Team Up To Test Drone Burrito Delivery

September 9, 2016


Project Wing, a unit of Google's parent company Alphabet, Inc., has teamed up with Chipotle and Virginia Tech (my alma mater, Go Hokies!) to test drone delivery service at the campus in Blacksburg. Obviously, guac will still cost extra. Possibly a lot extra based on added payload weight.

Project Wing will use self-guided hybrids that can fly like a plane or hover like a helicopter. They will make deliveries from a Chipotle food truck to assess the accuracy of navigation systems and how people respond.

The devices will hover overhead and lower the Chipotle edibles with a winch.

The project is part of Virginia Tech's efforts to become a leader in new transportation technology, school President Timothy Sands said in an interview.

"It sounds simple, but it's not," Sands said. "There are a lot of things to work out from a safety point of view and a policy point of view."

The university is part of the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership, one of six groups chosen as unmanned test beds by the FAA.

The FAA's main concerns with any sort of drone delivery service are safety and reliability. They're worried about how well drones will be able to avoid power lines and each other when there are a ton of them flying in low air-space. Honestly, I'm more concerned about their ability to avoid net-throwing burrito pirates. Unarmed merchant vessels are the bread and butter (technically tortilla and beans) to modern burrito pirates.

Keep going for a video news report from Bloomberg.

Thanks to my dad and K Diddie, who are holding out for steakhouse drone delivery service. Mmmm, call me when it's 5pm so I can order the prime rib.

  • Jenness

    I feel old - because there is no part of me that feels that drone deliveries are a good idea, won't crap up the skies, won't kill or harass wildlife and screw up migratory patterns of birds/butterflies, etc. The sky is about the only thing not completely filled with spam and garbage. I hate this idea so much.

  • No offense to anyone that's a delivery person but when I'm stoned and needing of burritos id feel no judgement from a drone

  • kasual

    It's raining guac (which is extra).

  • Eric

    Chipotle. So it's come to bio weapons.

  • Inezcsanchez4

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  • bluecheesedressing

    And I was told airborne delivery/vectors of E. coli were not possible-

  • Bling Nye

    If you hold it long enough, and then you push hard enough, you can aerosolize your diarrhea, kind of like a big butt-sneeze.

  • Andrew Newton

    chemical warfare

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