iPhone Owner Uses Panorama Feature To Turn Cats Into Caterpillars

September 2, 2016


Because everybody needs a hobby and some people have never heard of model trains, photographer and iPhone owner Hanamomo spends his time using the phone's panoramic feature to turn cats into multi-legged caterpillars. That must be fun. To see if I'd be interested in this new hobby I scouted my neighborhood for cats but couldn't find any to take pictures of. Who knows, maybe there aren't any cats in my neighborhood. Or maybe marching up and down the street banging two metal trash can lids together isn't the way to get them to come out and play. *shrug* I put on my pied piper cape and everything.

Keep going for several more shots, the last of which has a ton of invisible legs.




Thanks to hairless, whose hobbies include shaving and waxing.

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