Impressive: Riding A Bulletproof Glass Skateboard

September 27, 2016


This is a video from the guys of You Make It, We Skate it riding a bulletproof glass skateboard (previously: testing a regular glass skateboard that performed exactly how you'd expect). The glass is strong and stands up to trick after trick without breaking. Who knows, it might even me strong enough to stop a bullet. "Um, yeah, it's BULLETPROOF glass." Huh? "IT'S BULLETPROOF GLASS." What? "Forget it." Listen if you want to make out just say so.

Keep going for the video, actual riding starts around 3:00, but feel free to skip around because these guys really need to work on their Youtube video length management skills.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees we're probably only a couple weeks away from a Kevlar skateboard.

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