Impressive 15,000 Piece Triple Spiral Domino Maze

September 12, 2016


This is the 15,000 piece triple spiral domino maze built and destroyed by Youtuber Hevesh5. It took over 25 hours to build and approximately a minute and a half to destroy. I could have destroyed it quicker, but it wouldn't have looked as cool. It's actually a pretty neat domino maze to watch because first the think ground-level orange and blue spiral falls, then the white dominos on top of the spiral tower fall WITHOUT KNOCKING OVER THE TOWER THEY STAND ON, then the actual tower spiral itself. How about that? The people that have the time and patience to build these sort of things are truly a unique breed. I can barely balance four dominoes without eating two of them and getting bored and asking my mom if I can have another soda. Did you know a single 12-ounce soda has half the vitamins and minerals of a daily multivitamin? Shhhh, she doesn't either.

Hit the jump for two videos, forward and reverse.

Thanks to Davey, who agrees dominoes without dots aren't dominoes, they're plastic crackers.

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