I Can't Wait!: Australian Man Patents Hamdog, A Hamburger/Hotdog Combo

September 20, 2016


Meet the Hamdog, the brainchild of Australian Mark Murray, who clearly took a crash course in deliciousness. The Hamdog features a hamburger patty cut in half with a hotdog running between the two halves, all on a specially shaped bun. Mark originally patented the idea in 2009 (presumably while at least as high as a boomerang), but only recently started selling them. What took so long? In 2015 Mark pitched the Hamdog to the judges on the Australian version of Shark Tank where he described the burgerdog as "a party in your mouth." Man, I've tried to throw parties in my mouth before. Nobody showed up but my dog's tongue when I was yawning.

Keep going for one more shot and a video of hamdogs being constructed.


Thanks to John, who knows what I like, and I like burgerdogs.

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