I Can Fly!: Felted Angel Wing Backpacks

September 9, 2016


Don't do it, lady, there's so much to live for!

These are the felted wing backpacks crafted by Alexander Dedkov and Olga Katova (the some folks behind yesterday's octopus backpack). They make it look like you have wings (not necessarily angel wings, I just said that in the title to fill up space kind of like how you can swallow marbles to trick your stomach into thinking you're full). FULL DISCLAIMER: despite what you might believe, the wings are actually too small to give you the ability to fly. Just kidding they totally do come jump off my roof I'll film it.

Keep going for several more examples including RAINBOW WINGS.






Thanks to Zhana, who agrees the best wings aren't physical at all, they're the wings of a prayer. Wow, I don't even know what that means but I'm a believer.

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