I Am Into This: LEGO Drone Kits That Actually Fly

September 23, 2016


These are the LEGO UAV kits available from Flybrix. The basic $149 kit includes all the pieces you need to make a flying LEGO quad, hexa or octocopter. The copter can be controlled by a mobile app, although a dedicated controller is included in the $189 kit. Fun for all ages! Well, fun for all ages old enough to know not to eat LEGO bricks or fly a drone into their face. One of the best parts about the kits is that they're nearly indestructible. Crash land and break an arm off? No problem, just snap it back on and you're back in business! Just like our arms. "What?" We're all androids, you didn't know that? "I'm not." No? *produces letter opener* Stab yourself in the back of the hand and prove it.

Keep going for two shot of the available kits and a commercial.



Thanks to my dad, who hinted about wanting one for Christmas. Well let me talk to Frank and we'll see what we can do.

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