Help, It Won't Let Go: A Giant Octopus Backpack

September 8, 2016


This is the $235 'Octopus George' felted wool backpack crafted by Alexander Dedkov and Olga Kotova of Etsy shop OrangeCatMinsk. It looks like a giant orange octopus and has two compartments -- a large flat one against your back, and the chunky one that makes up the head. And what's more appropriate than an octopus backpack, since octopuses are so notorious for storing things in their heads. Stuff like shells, pirate treasures, mermaid secrets. "Octopuses don't store things in their heads." What are you, some kind of marine biologist? I mean I'm sure a couple of you are, but, SAD FACT: less than one out of every fifty children who want to be a marine biologist when they grow up actual realize their dream. The odds are even less for children who want to be astronauts or wizards. Adult life is hard. I mean, for some people. *waves magic wand to engage spaceship launch protocol* Later suckers!

Keep going for several more shots.





Thanks to Becky, who's holding out for a shell backpack that makes her look like a snail. Yes! Or a crab!

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