Happy Endings: Depressed T-Rex Makes A Comeback

September 16, 2016


This is The Comeback, an Audi commercial about a t-rex who's lost his lust for life and doesn't know what to do with himself anymore. Thankfully, a self-steering Audi comes along to save him from little-arm related depression. Now he's back to being king of the road, just like he was 68-million years ago. "There were no roads 68-million years ago." Oh I'm sorry, were you alive then? You know because you were alive then? *wink* Because if so you're tied with the second oldest being I've ever had eyes for. What do you say -- can I take you out tonight? We can play some putt-putt, maybe hit up the batting cages. "What are you, in middle school?" Not since 2:50PM, no. Come on, my mom will drive us, she's super cool.

Keep going for the commercial.

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