Gorgeous Stabilized Timelapse Shows Earth's Rotation In Relation To The Stars

September 8, 2016


This is a beautiful timelapse video made by Greta Life, that demonstrates earth's rotation in relation to the stars, which stay fixed in the video. Wait -- the earth rotates? How come I don't feel it? Are you sure this isn't just part of some fake science conspiracy used to keep the population in check so we don't start asking questions about whether earth really is the center of the universe and has a core of molten chocolate? Because I've eaten a lot of chocolate in my life and it never seems to run out. Are we actually mining crude oil or liquid chocolate? I've seen videos but they look awfully similar. Now if you'll excuse me, can you watch my tin-foil hat while I run to the restroom? I can't wear it while I pee or the interference makes me miss the urinal and I'm friends with the custodian and I'm not trying to make his job any harder than it already is.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Al0x, who tried to tell me not only does the earth rotate, it also orbits the sun. Haha -- nice try, buddy!

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