Going Full Cat Lady: Bonnets For Your Cats

September 21, 2016


These is the $6 Cat Bonnet available from Archee McPhee. It's a bonnet for your cats in case you want to dress them up and play Little House On The Prairie together. That sounds like a fun-filled afternoon in a bad smelling house. Based on the packaging, apparently cats love it. But notice how it doesn't say ALL cats love it. My cat hates wearing her astronaut helmet when we play space rangers but I have to keep reminding her that without it she'd suffocate in the vacuum of space. Now, get back in the rocketship and let's blast off this planet. *meow* I know it's a cardboard box, but we PRETEND it's our spaceship. *meow* No, we mustn't mess with the aliens, they could be hostile. *hissssss* Dammit, stop biting the dog's tail, she's trying to sleep!

Keep going for one more shot of a different cat.


Thanks to Ali, who's holding out for cat safari helmets. Heck yeah, I'll play Amazon adventure with you.

  • Deksam

    Yeah, I can think of one cat that would hate it...


  • Kaizer Chief

    Hmm... If cats love them so much, why do they need to have them Photoshopped on?

  • Meh

    I disagree, i highly doubt a cat would like something this stupid.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm pretty sure all three of my ex's cats would actively try to murder anyone who tried to dress them up.

  • Gingerbread

    The face my cat makes when he loves something

  • Ollie Williams

    The photo with the gray cat is the best product photo that has ever existed.

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