Finally, A Line Of Dark Crystal Action Figures

September 28, 2016


This is the line of Dark Crystal action figures being released next month by Funko. In 1983 Hasbro was working on a line of Dark Crystal action figures and made prototypes but the figures were never released. These ones are actually coming though, and will cost around $6 - $10 apiece. Collect them all and you can use their individual crystal shards to build the Dark Crystal! Alternatively, convince a younger sibling they're pieces of candy and get him/her to eat them. My older sister and I play 'Will She Eat It?' with our little sister all the time. She's going to make a great psychology test subject one day.

Keep going for a closeup of each.






Thanks to LB5K, who loves The Dark Crystal. Me? The characters were too creepy for me when I was a kid. I was delicate.

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