Dutch Police Demonstrate Their Drone-Attacking Eagles

September 16, 2016


This is a video from police in The Netherlands demonstrating the effectiveness of their drone-attacking eagles. The eagles have been trained to view drones as their prey, and will return with a copter to an area designated by police. Obviously, eagles are quickly becoming the most important employees at GW's Used Drone Emporium. *pointing to employee of the month poster* That's Razorbeak, he's already made me a small fortune this month.

(translated)The Dutch police corps is the first in the world to bet on raptors.The eagles are trained to see a drone as prey. Naturally Raptor is inclined to take her prey to a safe place. The birds are now taught to take the prey (drone) to a place designated by the police. This is to prevent the drone not arbitrarily end up in the crowd. The Raptors are stationed at several places in the country so that they can be deployed quickly. The bird's claws are scaly and thus protected against cuts from their prey. The propellers of the drone indicate no damage to the jaws. TNO is currently working to develop a special "claw protector 'for the larger type drones. Chicks, with a wingspan of at least one meter, are currently being trained. The police expect them to put in approximately a half-year. A number of agents who have an affinity with animals are trained as bird guide.

Animals vs. technology, interesting. I'm not sure this is what Mother Nature had in mind. Of course Mother Nature is also responsible for all the spiders and freaky shit that lives in Australia, so maybe she hasn't been thinking clearly for some time. I keep suggesting an intervention but every time the day comes around there's a convenient plague of snakes that prevents anybody from showing up. Strength in numbers -- that's crucial for an intervention. I tried to intervene on myself one time and just wound up drinking a bottle of tequila and passing out in the woods. I live there now, this is my home.

Keep going for the video demonstration.

Thanks to hairless, who doesn't have any hair and may in fact be a bird or a lizard. Hey, I'm just working this out Guess Who style.

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