Doritos Japan Releases Anti-Vampire Black Garlic Chips For Halloween

September 26, 2016


These are the Black Garlic Doritos just released in Japan in time for Halloween. Black garlic is made by slowly heating garlic cloves over several weeks until they caramelize, resulting in a sweet and syrupy flavor "with hints of balsamic vinegar and tamarind." I love balsamic vinegar. That's how my mom used to get me to eat Brussels sprouts and spinach -- just drown them all in balsamic vinegar. Also, did you know it's a myth that garlic has any anti-vampire properties? That was perpetuated entirely by Bram Stoker when he published the novel Dracula in 1897, presumably after buying a garlic farm.

Thanks to Dunc, who agrees the best way to keep vampires away is keeping your blood alcohol content as high as possible.

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