Disney Produces Robot With "Very Fluid" Movement Thanks to Air-Water Actuators

September 6, 2016


These are a couple video demonstrations of Jimmy, a robotic puppet developed by Disney Research that moves with incredibly fluid motion thanks to combination air/water actuators. The robot doesn't move on its own though, it just mimics the movements made by a human in the room behind it wearing video goggles and manning two arm controllers. Although I'm not convinced when it picks up the raw egg then smashes it that wasn't it going rogue for a second. Never trust a robot. That's what my buddy Jeffrey always used to tell me before he was killed by vampires.

Keep going for the videos. You can watch an animated GIF of somebody who gave the robot thoughts to make it seem less threatening HERE. You ALMOST made me feel like Janet was the bad one.

Thanks to Derek and Allyson S, who agree if a robot ever goes up for a high-five, let it break somebody else's arm.

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