Death Wishes: Man VERY Narrowly Misses Cliff Jump

September 7, 2016


So, that's what dying looks like.

This is a video of illegal trespasser and cliff-jumper 8Booth (whose mom is no doubt worried sick about him every time he grabs his backpack and leaves the house) narrowly escaping a rocky death while making a jump off "el morro" at California's Crystal Cove. Apparently he underestimated just how far out the rocks stuck out below and "walked away from this jump with a minor scrape on my back. How? I do not know." Really? You don't know how you were able to walk away with just a scrape? Well I'll tell you: you jumped just far enough to miss actually hitting the rocks, but nicked them underwater and got scraped. That's how. This isn't rocket science. Jesus, if you don't understand that I'm not sure you should even be allowed to jump off the diving board at a friend's house.

Keep going for the whole video while we pass the time waiting for an unidentified body to wash up on the shore somewhere in California and this guy's poor mom have to deal with it.

Thanks to Joseph A, who informed me his first personal rule of cliff jumping is always jump as far as you can.

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