Damn Rich People: Private Pool With Van Gogh Starry Night Mosaic

September 12, 2016


No no no, you got the colors all wrong -- do it over.

Rich as hell and run out of things to spend your money on? Consider a pool with a tile mosaic floor that looks like a famous painting. That's what this homeowner did. And it can really only be fully appreciated via an overhead drone's eye view. Now that's some solid money-pissing. You know they say money doesn't buy happiness, but I guarantee this person is happier than I am. Plus tanner and probably with a way bigger penis although I'd need to see what kind of sports car they drive to verify.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to CC, who's always dreamed of a pool with realistic tile shark mosaics at the bottom to keep skinny-dippers away.

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