Crappy Lighting: A Chandelier Made From Toilet Bowls

September 13, 2016


This is the Toilet Chandelier built by reduce, reuse and upcycler Rodney Allen Trice. It features seven identical toilet bowls as housing for spotlights. In my twelve-year old mind, each light in the toilet bowls represents a turd, and the tubes in the middle, pee. I understand art. No word what office building Rodney stole the toilets from, but I suspect there's at least one accounting firm out there getting used to shitting on the floor. Still, this is the perfect chandelier for a rich plumber's house. Back me up, Mario. "I heard you kissed the princess." Oh we did a LOT more than just kiss. *watches Mario angrily eat a power-up mushroom* Toad was there too!

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Dunc, who dared me to try to pee in one of those. *chugging coffee* CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

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