College Student Earns Entire Lecture Class 100's On First Quiz With Paper Ball Trashcan Shot

September 6, 2016


Note: Much excitement, watch your speakers.

Because college is way more about luck than actually learning things, this is a video of Ohio State student Vinny Forte making a far-as-hell paper ball trashcan shot to secure his entire organic chemistry class 100's on their first quiz. LOLOL, book learning is for nerds.

...the professor had thrown a paper ball up in the balcony to demonstrate "donating a proton" while reviewing acid base chemistry.

The professor then offered - as he does every year - to give the entire class a 100 on the first quiz if the person who he threw the ball to could toss it into the trash can, she said.

Apparently the student chosen last year made the shot as well but nobody caught it on video. Wait -- so these students are shooting two for two in the past two years? It sounds to me like this professor can bend bend the laws of physics and hates grading quizzes. Man, I still remember where I was for my first organic chemistry quiz. "Not in the classroom?" Nope -- in a buddy's dorm room getting high and playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. My GPA was a 1.45 that semester. And that, my friends, is how I became a marketing major.

Keep going for a video of the whole shot and aftermath.

Thanks to everybody who sent this, who all agree paper ball trick shots will get you way further in the workplace than any actual knowledge.

  • uKER

    God, I've come to hate these videos that are basically the same video put twice back-to-back. -_-

  • Munihausen

    Your tax dollars at work, folks.

  • I wish my taxes paid for college. :/

  • Guest

    they do a bit, just not *yours*

    learn to phrase your wishes better

  • Bend Bend

  • Draco Basileus

    It's almost like these kids will have to take another college course on coping when they realize that trashcan basketball doesn't actually make you a living.

  • Matthew Anderson

    My mate makes $27k a day from home in his spare time and so can you!
    Just click this webs... Sorry can't go through with it all the way, but this just seemed like the only time one of those spams would make sense in-context.
    I'm sure someone will get a real one in here in no time.

  • sebastian

    Jump off a bridge

  • sebastian

    making potato salad got some guy $55,000 so i'm sure there's a market somewhere for a trashcan basketball pro lol

  • Jesus... yea. I think it was even more eventually, no?

  • JimmyJam

    Organic Chemistry? More like Statistics, it would seem.

  • Meh

    US - grades come when you can either throw or kick an object. I mean, that's like stone age laws of nature.

  • Ozolz

    and now its only down hill with his life...

  • notoriousFF

    Bundy! Bundy! Bundy!

  • Ollie Williams

    That guy is going to get so much tail that weekend.

  • Verarpotter1

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