Clever: Astronaut And Rocketship Shaped Sunny-Side Up Egg Molds

September 8, 2016


These are the Space Egg silicone molds created by design firm DOIY. You can buy them from their official site for around $11 apiece, or other places for possibly cheaper (they're on Amazon for around $7 apiece HERE and HERE). When used properly, they make sunny-side up eggs that look like a rocketship and astronaut. When used entirely improperly they look like silicone egg molds dangling from your privates with your penis through the yolk part. Wow, if you wanted me to make pancakes so bad you could have just said so.

Keep going for several more shots.






Thanks to hairless, who would be great working at the diner by my apartment because I'm tired of finding hairs in my home fries.

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