Butterflies Drinking The Tears Of A Caiman

September 19, 2016


This is a shot captured by photographer Mark Cowen of a crown of butterflies (previously) perched on the head of a caiman to drink its tears and process the salt they need for survival. Or maybe its their battle mount. Mark was honored with a Special Commendation at the 2016 Royal Society Publishing photography competition for the photo. Drinking reptile tears isn't new though, it's been documented plenty before, particularly with turtles. What do you think those butterflies whisper in a turtle's ear to make it cry? You're fat and slow. What's even more interesting about this particular photo is that the butterflies are all paired off by variety. How about that! Maybe they're about to mate. Man, banging on a caiman's face -- what a way to live. Afterwards, they will all go their separate ways, where they will prepare for their next metamorphosis. "Into dead butterflies?" Exactly.

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees if you're going to drink tears, you might as well go for a unicorn so you can live forever.

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