Braconid: The 176-Point Word That Clinched The 2016 World Scrabble Championship

September 6, 2016


37-year old Brett Smitheram from London recently won the 2016 World Scrabble Championship, taking home the grand prize of €7,000 (~$7,815). For reference, that seems pretty modest as far as grand prizes for world championships go. But hey -- at least he's getting a Geekologie article written about him, and that's priceless. Just kidding that's super cheap contact me for details price plans start as low as really sweet-ass grocery store coupons, particularly on frozen pizzas. Buy one get one free DiGiornos? I'll tell everyone your penis is as big as you want it to be.

The 176-point word that led to his victory? Braconid, meaning "any of numerous wasps of the family Braconidae, the larvae of whichare parasitic on aphids and on the larvae of moths, butterflies, beetles." Guess adjectives derived from proper nouns were fair game.

His other high-scoring words were periagua (an American Indian canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk; 76 points), sundri (an east Indian tree; 28 points), and gynaecia (the plural of gynoecium, the female part of a flower; 95 points).

If I'm playing Scrabble and my opponent plays any one of those words I'm flipping the board and force-feeding them the tiles. Braconid -- really? *flips table* Try using it in a sentence while I stab you. Jesus, and you wonder why nobody shows up for your shit game nights anymore, I'm only here because I'm your brother.

Thanks to James V, who only plays 3 and 4 letter words because he's not a jerk.

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