Blood Donating Gaming System Sucks Your Blood When You Get Killed In-Game

September 29, 2016


This is a teaser video for the Blood Sport gaming event taking place in Barcelona next week. We previously wrote about the Blood Sport blood donating system back in 2014, before the Kickstarter campaign was banned. Basically Blood Sport is a gaming peripheral that draws blood whenever you get killed in-game. Play until you're light-headed then play some more! It's for a good cause. And that cause is vampires not praying on live humans. I tried donating blood once but the clinic didn't want it because I "had rabies" and "bit the doctor's leg." Rabies isn't even transmitted through blood. It is through saliva though, which is how that doctor got it.

Keep going for the teaser, then get out there and help your fellow humans.

Thanks again to Taran, one of the system's inventors, for combining two of my favorite pastimes: gaming, and watching enemies bleed.

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