Billionaire's Son Buys His Dog Eight iPhone 7's

September 21, 2016


Seen here clearly saying 'money doesn't buy happiness' with her eyes, this is a shot of Wang Sicong's dog Coco with her brand new iPhone 7's. She's got eight of them. Sometimes she also wears two Apple Watches (picture after the jump). Wang Sicong (who's been known to spend over $385,000 for a single night on the town) is the son of Chinese business magnate Wang Jailin, who has an estimated worth of around $34-billion. Wait -- so why stop at only eight iPhones? You should have built a doghouse out of them. And not in the boxes -- just the phones laid flat to make six-phone bricks. Pfft, and I thought you knew how to rich.

Keep going for Coco wearing her Apple watches. Also, what's up with that panda dog creeping in the back? Where are his phones?


Thanks to Bill O, who's still waiting for pager prices to drop before he gets his dog one.

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