Billionaire's Son Buys His Dog Eight iPhone 7's

September 21, 2016


Seen here clearly saying 'money doesn't buy happiness' with her eyes, this is a shot of Wang Sicong's dog Coco with her brand new iPhone 7's. She's got eight of them. Sometimes she also wears two Apple Watches (picture after the jump). Wang Sicong (who's been known to spend over $385,000 for a single night on the town) is the son of Chinese business magnate Wang Jailin, who has an estimated worth of around $34-billion. Wait -- so why stop at only eight iPhones? You should have built a doghouse out of them. And not in the boxes -- just the phones laid flat to make six-phone bricks. Pfft, and I thought you knew how to rich.

Keep going for Coco wearing her Apple watches. Also, what's up with that panda dog creeping in the back? Where are his phones?


Thanks to Bill O, who's still waiting for pager prices to drop before he gets his dog one.

  • Dan

    So who is copying who, OddityCentral copying geekologie or the other way? :(

  • Brent Turcotte

    I am glad that the importance of spending money responsibly is in the childs learning. you know once he buys his own company that is doing well all the workers will hate him as a owner but cant leave because they need the money. for week to week living

  • I'd like to say this guy is an idiot wasting money... but honestly, if I was a billionaire... guys... guys.... shit would get WEIRD.

  • Collin Hughes

    I wonder if Wang Sicong's wealthy father views him the same way the kid views his dog. (A pointless and stupid extravagance used to illustrate wealth). I doubt a kid like this would be viewed as a successor or something to be proud of by an extraordinary Chinese business man. With all of that wealth and no responsibility, the kid could do great or at least interesting things (like Howard Hughes). Instead, giving him this wealth is like throwing a billion dollars into the monkey house at the zoo.

  • Ollie Williams

    What a piece of shit. Maybe instead of buying his dog thousands of dollars worth of shit the dog clearly can't use, he could feed some of the 200 million of their own Chinese population who live below the international classified poverty line. I hope he dies of cancer.

  • captaindash

    Because you take your pay raises and give them to the homeless?

    Thought so.

  • Ollie Williams

    I do give to charity, and the company I own also gives to a 501c non-profit that we've set up, but you don't want to hear about that, you just want to make broad assumptions about people on the Internet that you've never met, because whether I give to charity or not, it's totally the same as buying 7 iPhones for a dog. You're a fucking idiot to even relate to the two.

  • captaindash

    I absolutely stand by my comment. You have more than you need, and so does this kid. It's just a matter of degrees. To a starving man in India in the lowest caste, you live like a lavish king. That makes you a hypocrite.

    I guess I'm a 'fucking idiot' because I don't think a guy should die from cancer simply because he has a lot of money to spend on ridiculous stuff. Have fun being angry.

  • Forblat

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

  • Solipsis

    As usual with most of the rich cunts on this stupid planet. Waste money instead of giving back. Reminds me of some VICE doc I watched a while back where they had this horrendous slum with disgusting poverty. People living in sewage and other horrible conditions, meanwhile, in the middle of the fucking slum a few rich cunts built massive multi-storey towers that they'd call their mansions. Living in them looking down on the slums from which they once came, owning like 40 cars and other completely unnecessary objects to be as materialistic as possible. Meanwhile, everyone down there is suffering while these people specifically parade their wealth round the area.

    I cannot stand the absurdly wealthy. They deserve nothing they have.

  • captaindash

    Someone you don't know, on another continent, buys phones and watches they don't need and hurts nobody in the process. This is what keeps you up at night?

    Do you get this mad every time you type on your smartphone while walking past a homeless drug addict? If you did, you'd have to kick your own ass each time you passed a reflective surface. You have no idea how individual rich people operate their lives. Maybe they donate half of what they make to charity yet still have lots left over. Would they be scumbags then?

    Basically, like H.G. Wells said "Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo". Don't judge anybody on an individual level until you know their story.

  • BlueBoomPony

    Can we still call it stupid? Because it's stupid.

  • captaindash

    Haha. Yup, we can call it stupid.

  • Solipsis

    Funny you mention judging people while judging me.

    I do not own a smart phone. I don't like them and have refused to buy one for years. I don't 'walk past' homeless drug addicts because I'm in Canada and my area has almost no homeless people. I've given them money every time I pass them on my visits in Toronto and yet I'm under the poverty line. I've also given them lifts on the rare occasions I see them. I donate to the local charities with the little money I can, when I can, and regularly bring cat food and dog food to the local clinic that needs donations. So yeah, stop assuming anything about me.

    fuck this guy. He donates nothing, he wastes all of the money he doesn't deserve to have and should be giving back. Demonstrate to me one way this kid isn't a pile of shit. Link me to his donations please if he has any.

    I will then concede that I miss-judged him at least a bit, but until then, fuck him.

  • captaindash

    All that charity can't make up for your jealous, angry soul.

  • Happiest dog in the world.

  • CitizenV2

    Dog doesn't give a shit...

  • You're just jealous

  • sebastian

    i wish i was a billionaire's son's dog :(

  • GeneralDisorder

    Why? Android 4 life!

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