Baby From Nirvana's 'Nevermind' Album Cover Recreates Photo 25 Years Later

September 26, 2016


This is a photo of 25-year old Spencer Elden recreating the same shot taken of him 25 years earlier for the cover of Nirvana's 'Nevermind' album. I like his Nevermind chest tattoo, way to own it. Also: that album is already 25 years old? Where has the time gone? "Drugs and alcohol." You right, you right.

in homage to the album's quarter century anniversary, he recently decided to recreate the pose that made him famous. He wanted to do it "au naturel" in order to stay true to the original, but the photographer John Chapple fortunately talked him out of it and convinced him to wear shorts for the shoot. Chapple paid him $200, which is exactly what Elden's parents were paid for Spencer's involvement in the Nevermind cover

Wait -- the photographer talked him out of doing it naked? That's when you hire a different photographer. Don't even act like you've never taken a picture of a man's penis before. Your own counts. If he wanted to do it naked, you should have let him do it naked. It's just a ding-dong, man. Besides, everybody's already seen it.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



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