Awww: Special Needs Dog Looks Like A Vampire

September 2, 2016


Meet 3-year old albino miniature pinscher/chihuahua Tucker. Tucker was born with MPS VI, a "mucopolysaccharide disease that causes deformities and various medical issues." In this case, his eyes are cloudy so he has to wear goggles outside, and he can't walk on his front paws so he gets around on them soldier-crawling-through-mud style. Plus he looks like a vampire. That said, even with all of Tucker's setbacks, there's no question in my mind his quality of life is at least tenfold what mine is. I drank spoiled milk for breakfast and was supposed to get an Amazon package this morning but when there was a knock on the door it was just a neighbor who wanted to punch me in the face. At least Tucker has somebody who cares about him. My friends are always betting me to eat broken glass.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a couple Instagram videos including one with a solid sneeze at the end.



A video posted by Tucker (@tuckerwearsgoggles) on

A video posted by Tucker (@tuckerwearsgoggles) on

Thanks to Stephanie B, who wants a vampire who looks like a dog. Yeaaah, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to keep vampires as pets.

  • Ozolz

    just burn it or something else humane, not torture

  • Titty McNipplefondler

    Kill it! Kill it with fire!

  • Douchy McDouche

    Seriously, why let this poor keep suffering?

  • Acid Skies

    Tail wagging is clearly a sign of distress and extreme pain.

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