Awww: Mockingbird Gets Custom Cardboard 'Snowshoes' To Fix Curling Feet

September 8, 2016


This is a shot of an injured Northern Mockingbird who got a custom pair of cardboard 'snowshoes' to prevent its feet from knuckling, a condition that's apparently common in young birds and makes it difficult and painful to walk or perch. The shoes were crafted by folks at the California Wildlife Center, who say it usually takes about two weeks of wearing the shoes for a bird's feet to be fully functional again. Yay! This particular mockingbird is already healed and just about ready to be released back into the wild, where it will presumably mock the shit out of other birds' mating calls to steal their girlfriends and have sex with them. Tweet tootle tweet!

Thanks to Gaby, who offered to make me a cardboard snowshoe to cure my clubfoot. Don't bother, Gaby, I've already come to accept it as the weapon God intended it to be.

  • Meh

    More of these faith-restoring posts GW. Nice stuff!

  • "watch me hit my bird walk"

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