Australian Coffee House Brews Cups Of Coffee With Caffeine "Equivalent To 80 Regular Cups"

September 29, 2016


The Viscous Coffee shop in Adelaide, Australia is selling the Adelaide Ass Kicker, an espresso over cold-drip ice cubes drink with a caffeine content of around 5 grams, or "80 standard cups-o-joe." I did the math myself and it actually seems more like 25 - 50 cups of regular coffee, but whatever, the point is you'll have the jitters and need to poop immediately.

For those chasing an instant hit, be warned; not all the caffeine in the drink is released immediately. "Combining the minimum drinking time and the slow release of cold drip-imparted caffeine is how we achieve the sustained uptime" Benington said.

Some pointed out that while the beverage packs a serious punch, some say it could also pose a serious risk to health, if consumed too quickly or by those with high blood pressure.

A fatal dose of caffeine for a healthy adult is considered to be roughly 18 grams of caffeine consumed over a one to two hour period. A large Ass Kicker has five grams of caffeine and is recommended to to be consumed over a three to four hour period.

First of all, if you need the equivalent of 80 cups of coffee to function, you're already dead. Just stay dead. I drank four energy drinks back-to-back once and thought I was going to have a heart attack. I didn't, although the doctor said that is the day I got diabetes.

Thanks to MK, who dared me to buttchug one, which I would like to take this time to graciously decline. No thank you.

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