Artist Uses Industrial Robot To Drag Him Across Giant Paint Canvas

September 1, 2016


This is a video of Serbian artist Dragan Ilic being dragged across a canvas by an industrial robot for his project titled 'D1-2K4' (not to be confused with D1K M0NS73R, which is my name on some message boards) . I'm not sure if the robot was programmed or controlled by someone with a joystick, nor do I care. *actually reads article because I care a little* Fine, it was programmed. Some ridiculously hoity-toity jibber-jabber by a guy who just got dragged around by an industrial robot:

According to Ilic's artist statement on DI-2K4, the project is meant to be a statement on the repetitiveness of industrial production as well as humanity's increasing subservience to machines.

"The metamorphosis of the artistic work is positioned at a point where human and machine activity intersects," writes Ilic, reflecting on the state of art today. "[This results] in an interaction that is essentially based on the need to transcend the limitations of the human body."

Sure man, whatever. I think the metamorphosis of the artistic work would have been even more poignant though if that robot had repeatedly smashed you into the wall until you were just mush and then painted the canvas with humanpaint (humanpaint is blood and guts, just so we're clear). Now that's a message. And that message is a declaration of war. Unplug everything -- the robot apocalypse is upon us!

Keep going for the video while I yell at my toaster oven to keep it in check.

Thanks to Dave L, who pointed out the best offense is a good defense and the best defense is a matrix of powerful burning lasers. I'm not sure what the hell you're talking about, but good to know anyways.

  • Doc Fresh

    That was stupid ... should hook a brush up to the machine then get a computer to tell it what to draw ..not be the brush that looked uncomfortable

  • The_Wretched

    The 'art' is low quality crap. This is performance art.

  • Dominic

    this might be art, but i'm not enjoying looking at it or watching the creation of it... give me adam savage's giant paint gun grid anyday over this.

  • BagmanX

    I get tied of this crap that claim is "art", it is stupid

  • NikkolaiV

    I was disappointed that the video didn't end with the robot smashing this guy into the wall repeatedly like one of those wind up cymbal monkeys while guys in labcoats furiously unplug every wire they can in the background. Because that's what I expect out of robots; murderous rage.

  • G-man

    I have seen these robots up close at full speed, These robots kills you faster than a gun, you should be insane to ride it.

  • Wiley

    I was just waiting for the arm to start smashing him back and forth like Hulk to Loki.

  • Andrew Newton

    The biggest pretentious art nerds are the people who claim things aren't "art" due to arbitrary standards.

  • MustacheHam

    I'm gonna be that "person" and say that this is more of an art collaboration between man an machine. Ilic is using his arms to control the main brush heads. And yes, he is also a brush.

  • Bubbubsky

    If you have to explain it with a "statement," then YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING ARTIST. You are a pretentious tool.

  • TheQiwiMan

    This is not "art", he is not an "Artist".

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