Wind Turbine Catches Fire, Makes Beautiful Smoke Spiral

August 4, 2016


This is a video of a wind turbine in Coimbatore, India that decided maybe green energy wasn't its thing after all, and proceeded to catch fire and start spinning the smoke in a giant spiral. It's believed that the wind was blowing too strong for the turbine to safely function that day, but this one (and the one on fire behind it) weren't properly shut off (or their sensors failed to shut them off), causing the generator to overheat and catch fire. I know, you were probably hoping for that rotor to snap and take off like a sideways helicopter. That didn't happen though, because, despite what Disney movies might have taught you, sometimes dreams don't come true. Except mine, mine almost always come true, but they're usually the bad ones where I show up for work naked or my girlfriend breaks up with me or my roommate chases me out the apartment waving some crazy three-foot dildo like it's a sword. "Wait, what?" Where'd he even get that thing? I'm asking for a friend who couldn't find one at the sex store he goes to.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to PJ, who's pretty sure he heard that wind turbine yell "Burn more coal!" right before it caught fire.

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