Video Tour Of $1.5-Million Star Trek Home Theater

August 23, 2016


This is a video tour of Marc and Jennifer Bell's Star Trek themed home theater and bar area. It took four years and $1.5-million to complete. The actual theater is modeled after the USS Enterprise's bridge from The Next Generation, the doors open like real turbolift doors, 8 of the 11 chairs in the theater recline into beds, and he has an estimated $1-million of Star Trek memorabilia including original models and costumes and Spock's ear prosthetics (previously: these two other Star Trek home theater builds). No word if Jennifer shares Marc's love of everything Star Trek, but I'd be certainly be curious to hear what she has to say about it.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Josh, who agrees there better be futuristic back massagers in those theater chairs.

  • Dani

    "Rich nerd married to a transsexual wastes money"

  • I really liked the idea before I watched the video... There's just something so "Village of the Damned" about this couple.

  • dougfunnay

    because money
    and these people dont have enough of it to make wise long term investments that propel the economy forward
    lets give them more

  • Meh

    Considering how bad almost all new movies are, this is like a giant waste of time.

  • Jenness

    Dude there is a whole museum and bar with that, and it's cool that he rents an entire movie theater to take his family, friends, employees and their kids for the new releases. That's a pretty fun boss to have a red carpet night for everyone.

  • Bling Nye

    They say money can't buy love, but it can sure rent it until you die.

  • G-man

    Or being a trekkie gets you hot chicks......

  • jodyberry

    You mean chicks "trying" to be hot...

  • Wiley

    Well this is wildly underwhelming for the price point. I would imagine some handy enthusiasts with carpentry/electrician skills and some creativity could set this up in far less time at a fraction of the cost. Though I guess I'm supposed to assume it's the collection that's taking the bulk listed... Which is not very interesting as far as watching movies is concerned.

  • pffttt....that cost 4 times the cost of my whole house.

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • GeneralDisorder

    That's about 17 times the mortgage amount of my house. I am not wealthy and I live in the ghetto.

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