Twin White Cats Born With Heterochromatic (Two Different Colored) Eyes

August 8, 2016


These are several shots of Iriss and Abyss, two twin cats born with blue and brown heterochromatic eyes. You know I used to know a girl with two different colored eyes. I asked her out on a date once. You know what she told me? I don't date losers. I almost argued with her, but deep down I knew she was right and deserved better.

Legend says that different coloured eyes allow people or animals to see into both worlds - of the living and the dead.

Whoa -- different colored eyes allow you to see in the worlds of the living AND dead? That's terrifying. I can barely stand seeing in the world of just the living, the last thing I need is ghost vision. X-ray vision, absolutely, but only to remind myself I'm wearing women's underwear and deserve to feel sexy.

Keep going for several more shots including one with red foam balls on their heads because they forgot how to clown.







Thanks to lizzy, who sometimes puts one colored contact in to pretend her eyes are heterochromatic and convince people she can talk to their dead relatives for a modest fee.

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