This Song Is Nuts: Pants With A Drum Synth In The Crotch

August 25, 2016


Wait -- caution, need to take a break or caution, never should have started?

In other painful below the belt news, these are the Electric Sexy Drum Pants created by Japanese "multimedia artist and experimental pop music composer Kaoring Machine." They're a pair of pants with a drum synth pad in the crotch (previously: these drum pants with the pads in the legs instead of the crotch to prevent future fertility problems). Man, there's nothing like slapping yourself in the nuts for a couple minutes. These are perfect for the person who aspires to be the least tipped street musician of all time. Honey, I think that man is playing with himself -- cross the street, cross the street! That said, I would totally tip this guy if he could stomp that thing like a bass pedal.

Keep going for a nut-slapping video demo.

Thanks again to Lynn, who clearly chose a theme with her tips. I admire that about you.

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