There Can Be Only One: Sulfuric Acid Vs Big Mac

August 24, 2016


This is a video of a Big Mac being subjected to a dousing of sulfuric acid. I thought it help up surprisingly well, leading at least one fast-food loving blogger to announce his stomach and @$$hole the winner in this impromptu Big Mac digesting contest. Although -- is sulfuric acid really the best acid to use to dissolve a burger? Because whatever acid lives in my stomach has dissolved all kinds of burgers. Plus a ton of LEGO bricks and green army men. It has also unsuccessfully tried to digest coins and marbles, but I'm thinking that's where the quart of bleach comes in. You know how they tell you not to mix cleaning supplies? That's just because they don't want you to invent something better than they're selling. One time I mixed every cleaning product I had in a big bucket in my bathroom and then passed out and when I woke up everything was whiter and cleaner than it's ever been. Just kidding, turns out that was the hospital. Be safe, kids.

Keep going for the video.

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  • Billy Avenue

    so if you want your food to look severly overcooked, just add sulpheric acid!

  • roehlstation

    I'm sure that smelled fantastic

  • Gilbert

    There's a "performance artist" who placed a fast food burger under a hermetically sealed glass jar, and 6+ years later it looks surprisingly similar to when it was placed inside...

    That alone was enough to turn me off of fast food... This just adds fuel to that fire...

  • Gryphydd

    Of course it would look the same... Ever had jerky or ham? If you remove all the moisture from the air things don't go mouldy or rot, they just dry out and cure...

    Turn a steak into jerky over 2 years and no one bats an eye, hermetically seal a cheese burger in a jar and when it doesn't go mouldy everyone looses their minds.

  • The lead photo actually looks delicious. God I am hung over....

  • Meh

    Really i don't understand how that shit is being sold.. Knowing something like this is like repellent.

  • roehlstation

    Chemistry is complicated, there are plenty of natural compounds that are resistant to Sulfuric Acid.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Not even joking, this video makes me wanna pick up a Big Mac on the way home from work tonight.


  • Ollie Williams

    Now eat it you sissy!

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