The Size Of Pluto Compared To Australia

August 29, 2016


This is a composite comparing the size of everyone's favorite ex-planet Pluto to the size of Australia. As you can see, Pluto is pretty small. Or Australia is pretty big. Or they're the perfect size for each other and should start dating and have country-planet babies. Whatever the case, I say if Pluto can't be a planet, then Australia shouldn't be a continent. Is that what this graphic was trying to teach us? Because that's what I'm taking away. "You're an idiot." I blame the nasal spray I've been taking for my allergies. "That's because it's model airplane glue." Gimme gimme!

Thanks to Lizzy, who tried to tell me Antarctica and Neptune have been exchanging love letters for thousands of millennia and things have gotten so steamy that's what causes global warming. My my!

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