The Self-Sustaining Ecocapsule House Pod

August 19, 2016


This is the Ecocapsule, a small self-sustaining home pod that looks like it came from outerspace and generates electricity via solar cells and a wind turbine. It's battery can last four days on a full charge and the pod also collects rainwater and filters it for drinking. There's a toilet, shower, stovetop, desk and sofa that pulls out into a double bed. Everything you need to live off the grid! Sometimes I dream about living off the grid. Other times I dream about a dentist chiseling all my teeth out with no anesthesia. If I had to choose I would pick the off the grid dream, but that's the thing about dreams -- you don't get to choose. Same goes for your friends because otherwise why would I be hanging out with these jerks? It's cool, they don't read Geekologie, they don't support me.

Keep going for a short video.

Thanks to my dad, my actual real dad and not just somebody using a clever name.

  • Add a couple of spikes to the outside and make that window round, and you'd have yourself the perfect Namekian home from Dragon Ball Z.

  • Meh

    For permanent housing, this would drive me insane. However for a portable vacation house you can go anywhere with, this seems quite awesome.

    Only doubt I'd have is the water filtering system if they catch rain water.

  • GeneralDisorder

    There are places where capturing rain water for residential use is illegal. Mostly those are desert areas.

  • Jenness

    I like the way they drew in fake palm trees and flowers at the end to try and make it not look so sad and depressing.

    Of all the places they could film this..... A large open lot right in the middle of a neighborhood with human houses and fences all around it. Like these poor saps have to live in this sardine can which now sits on the place where their real house used to be before some tragedy occurred.

  • I'm surprised you mentioned the palm trees at the end, and not the part right before where they draw a box around it with vertical lines making it look like a prison cell and calling it a "container".

  • Jenness

    Because I thought they were just showing you could put it in a POD and store it, because it was that small.

    I mean, this is cute - and if you have tons of money and want to camp for a week off the grid this is cool - but the whole neighborhood yard concept I think is horribly done. They should have actually put it in the back of the trailer like they drew, took it out somewhere among people sweating or freezing in tents, and then it would be luxury camping for the elites. Instead they did the opposite and made it look like the saddest possible living situation outside of just sleeping in a coffin every night waiting to die.

  • Jason Christopher

    I always find these things very fascinating until I remember I'd snap with no personal space or alone time EVER if you had a significant other or roommate in there with you. Still very neat.

  • Ollie Williams

    90k is a pretty steep price, but the technology is very cool.

  • Bling Nye

    If you pay say, ~ $300/month for water and electricity, you'll save $90K and the pod will pay for itself in .....*maths*........ 300 months, or 25 years. Not accounting for inflation or rate changes, of course.

    But not being beholden to the Man, and not having an address where people can track you down? Priceless.

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