The Ripchair, An All Terrain Vehicle For Wheelchairs

August 4, 2016


This is the Ripchair 3.0, a 27-horsepower all terrain vehicle developed by Howe and Howe (of Ripsaw and Minirip fame) that can be customized to fit any style of manual or electric wheelchair, so people without traditional leg mobility can still go hunting, fishing, or just chase squirrels through the forest (my favorite). Pretty cool, but I can almost guarantee if I were disabled and ripping around in the woods on an all terrain wheelchair I'd find a way to disable myself even further. Possibly even reach disability level 10. "You mean die." Plus nobody would ever find me because I told everybody I was on a business trip when I was really out in the woods trying to bury my most recent paycheck in a jar. You can't trust banks.

Keep going for a video about the vehicle.

Thanks to Alan, who agrees Professor X hover wheellesschairs are right around the corner.

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