The Purrfect Pouch, A Pouch For Carrying Your Cat

August 31, 2016


All this: it's just three things now.

This is the as-seen-on-TV commercial for the Purrfect Pouch cat carrier and grooming pouch, an adjustable pouch for carrying your cat or subduing them to cut their nails. Based on the over-the-top commercial, it was virtually impossible to travel with a cat until its invention. The commercial says they're buy one for $10, get one free (plus S/H and a separate processing fee for the second pouch), but that must have been a special introductory offer because the official website says they're two for $29.95 + $6.95 S/H. That is a significant price hike. But what if I only want one because I only have one cat? What am I going to do with two? I'm not some crazy cat lady carrying like seven Purrfect Pouches like my neighbor's husband trying to carry all their grocery bags inside in one trip.

Keep going for the commercial and count how many times she says kitty.

Thanks to SSA, who agrees a Katsak purchased from Mike Rowe on QVC is really the way to go.

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