The Hourglass Of Humans Currently Alive And That Have Ever Existed

August 12, 2016


This is a picture of an hourglass (not a real one, it looks like it was made in an upgraded version of Microsoft Paint) using grains of sand to depict the current number of humans alive today, and the total number of humans that have ever existed on earth. Can you believe 108 billion people have lived on earth already? I had to look up that figure to make sure it was correct (something I rarely do but did this time because I found it so hard to believe), and Wikipedia told me it was. How can 108 billion people have lived on earth already and we not have flying cars already? And how are there not tons of skeletons just poking out of the ground everywhere? Also, we're totally f***ed if some evil sorcerer brings them all back to life to use in battle against us. We better start stocking up on talismans.

Thanks to my buddy hairless, who tried to tell me he's some super-evolved species. Really -- the guy with the Yosemite Sam tattoo is the human of the future?

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