That's Ridiculous: The Fanciest Birthing Room In The World

August 17, 2016


These are several shots of the 19th century Empress Elisabeth of Austria themed birthing room at the Mizuguchi Hospital in Japan. It has pretty much everything a hospital birthing room doesn't need, and is missing pretty much everything important including those monitors with the wavy lines and stuff like that. I'm very technical. No word how much it costs to have your kid here, but I imagine it's a price - wait for it - fit for an empress. See what I did there? It was stupid and I regret it. That baby better come out wearing a gold crown. I was born in the same hospital by the same doctor as my dad. When I was born there was only me and one other baby in the hospital. That's Buckhannon, West Virginia for you: perfect in every way.

Keep going for a handful of more shots.





Thanks to vishal, who agrees that room needs way more priceless paintings if we're supposed to take it seriously.

  • Forblat

    Where's the machine that goes *PING*?

  • Xockszky

    Those clean white sheets won't be clean for long... but I do hope there's some medical equipment nearby, as stated in the post. Unless they're going for a 19th century birthing experience.

  • aquarius7373

    If there's a complication during a natural birth the mother is usually just rushed to a nearby hospital. It's never really a big deal.

    About the sheet part - that's why I'm getting my wife to do a water birth. The birthing center 15 minutes from us is exceptionally nice and honestly I would choose our rooms over this one. Our place's rooms look like resort suites with three rooms each. (kitchen/living room, bedroom, bathroom)

  • Garish. And I so want that vanity. #versaille

  • Billy Rocka

    Jesus fuckin Christ, I'm poor...

  • Jenness

    If you are going to have to endure moving about in agony while simultaneously spraying amniotic & other bodily fluids down your legs for 18 hours then you might as well have something nice to look at. Also, once that screeching bundle of joy comes out that will be the last chance you'll get to be in anything that nice again for years.

  • aquarius7373

    Natural births are MUCH quicker than medicated births, lasting about 6-8 hours. There are always exceptions of course, but natural births are usually more consistent than medicated births as well.

  • Jenness

    Well no one told my uterus because I've had 3 kids, no drugs, completely natural and none were shorter than 14 hours of active labor. My last decided to get stuck in transition for over an hour. Heck, even identical twins when almost everything else is the same will have totally different birthing experiences. I still would do them all over though - pain is just pain and a part of life. Hiding or trying to avoid pain at all costs just makes life so much harder to live. And if I could afford it I would do it in a room just like this screaming for someone to feed me fois gras covered in beluga caviar because why the hell not. It would sound like this " mmmm delicious..... Carpe diem bitches...gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAHHHHHHHHHgahhhhhhhhh"

  • failquail

    I notice that that room includes a floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall right next to the bed as well as another fairly large one opposite the bed. So those nice things to look at includes the messy end of the whole birthing thing ;)

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