Terra Chairs: Growing Your Own Outdoor Seating

August 9, 2016


This is the Kickstarter for Terra Growing Furniture. Each Terra chair kit includes a lattice cardboard frame you fill with rocks and dirt, then plant grass on top, which will eventually grow into a comfy outdoor chair. One you'll have to trim with a weedwacker or garden shears because I don't think a lawnmower is gonna cut it. Cut it -- get it? LOLOL beat me with a sockful of marbles. Unfortunately, the recycled cardboard frame for the cheapest one-seater (they also sell two-seaters and sofas) costs $220, leading at least one blogger to speculate just what the hell kind of diamonds that cardboard is made out of.

Keep going for a shot of $220 worth of cardboard and their Kickstarter video in case you want to modify their idea and start selling $12 versions.


Thanks to hairless, who may or may not dream of being a Chia Pet.

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