Supergirl Stuntwoman Becomes 1st Female To Complete American Ninja Warrior Stage One

August 30, 2016


Remember Supergirl stuntwoman Jessie Graff's impressive performance at the American Ninja Warrior qualifying course in Los Angeles? She made it look easy. And this is a very worthwhile video of her becoming the first woman to complete the American Ninja Warrior stage one course. She also makes this one look easy, even without a belly button. Plus there's a 2:20 time limit and she beats the course with just 12 seconds left with no breaks for resting. It's hard not to feel the excitement building as she gets closer and closer to finishing. I could train for 100 years and never come close to completing that course, and not just because I'd be over 130 years old, because I would have had the foresight to take a youth serum. In hindsight though I probably should have just taken a ninja potion.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to carey, who informed me she's confident she could have possibly maybe perhaps completed one of those obstacles.

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