Study: Online Gamers Perform Better In School, Social Media Users Do Not

August 15, 2016


In a recent questionable study conducted by the the Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology (RMIT), students who played online games every day averaged 15 points above average in math, 17 in science, and a staggering 84 in calling other gamers derogatory names online. Daily social media users scored 20 points below average in math than students that don't use social media, and presumably 6,000 points lower in English. No word about students that game online AND use social media, but they probably don't have enough free time to even go to school.

"When you play online games you're solving puzzles to move to the next level and that involves using some of the general knowledge and skills in maths, reading and science that you've been taught during the day, said Mr Posso. "Teachers should consider incorporating popular video games into teaching so long as they are not violent ones."

Wait -- "When you play online games you're solving puzzles to move to the next level"? Just what the hell online games is this guy talking about? Almost every single online game I've ever played has involved trying to shoot as many people in the head as fast as possible. This isn't The Island Of Dr. Brain or Myst we're talking about here. I've got a sneaking suspicion this study may have been funded by the video game industry.

Thanks to carey, who misses the days of 56k modems and playing Warcraft and Warcraft II with a single friend. Mom, hang up the phone!

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