Sportscaster's Glorious Badminton Rant From 2004 Athens Olympics

August 9, 2016


To get everybody in the Olympic world citizen spirit, this is a video of sportscaster and former professional tennis player Mary Carillo's glorious four minute rant about badminton from the 2004 Athens Olympics. It's got everything: cheap rackets vs nice rackets, goose feathers from the left side of the goose only, getting shuttlecocks stuck in trees, trying to get shuttlecocks unstuck from trees, getting other things stuck in trees, children throwing Rollerblades and denting your Jeep -- she even calls out a few neighborhood kids by name. It's really what the Olympics are all about provided you have no idea what the Olympics are all about. Drink Coke eat McDonalds you too can achieve greatness.

Keep going for four minutes of pure insight.

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